3D Rendering Services in Christchurch

The central business district of Christchurch was cordoned off behind army barricades following the February earthquake. However, with advanced spatial imaging sensor hardware and software the team from Trimble was able to gain access to capture 3D data of the city.

A rendering expert uses specialised 3D modelling software and mathematical concepts to create digital models of construction projects. These professionals are able to assist builders, architects and contractors with their visualisation needs.

3D Architectural Renderings

3D architectural renderings allow architects, contractors, and home owners to visualise the finished result of their projects. They can also provide a realistic simulation of how the building will look before construction begins, allowing clients and project managers to make changes if necessary.

An architect or a 3D modeling service can create a 3D model of the building and add in details such as lighting, furniture, and other objects. This allows you to see how the finished product will look and makes it easier to understand what you’re getting.

A 3D rendering can be used to help you sell your design or building plans to potential investors and lenders. It can also be used for marketing or promotional purposes. The process of creating a 3D render can take a few hours or a few days depending on the size and complexity of the project.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch Basilica is a Roman Catholic cathedral in central Christchurch, New Zealand. It is the seat of the Bishop of Christchurch and the mother church of the diocese. The cathedral is listed on the New Zealand Heritage List as a Category A historic place. It was built between 1927 and 1934 and is one of the most notable examples of Art Deco architecture in New Zealand.

3D Interior Renderings

Providing 3D rendering services that help architects, builders and contractors visualise their projects prior to commencement of construction. This includes a wide range of interior design renderings such as kitchen design, bathroom designs and full three-dimensional room mockups.

3D rendering artists can create digital models of buildings and structures using specialised software. These models can be viewed from multiple angles and can include colour, lighting, and objects. This is an effective way to communicate to clients what their building or structure will look like once complete and can significantly reduce construction costs and timelines.

The ray tracing technology that makes up the core of the modelling software used in renders simulates light as it interacts with geometry, materials and textures. This creates a highly realistic result that can be manipulated to produce various looks and styles without incurring the usual studio photography costs. This also reduces the turnaround time for marketing material.

For example, Lujo New Zealand a luxury hammock brand required a series of 3D product renders in varying fabric colours sourced from James Dunlop Textiles. They were able to produce a wide variety of fabric variations with consistent results using renders that would have been impossible to achieve by studio photography.

Professionals that specialise in 3D rendering will be able to take the information from all the different specialists involved in the project and bring it together into one cohesive model. This is known as building information modelling (BIM). This process can be particularly helpful for commercial and residential projects that require the use of complex and innovative engineering or construction methods.

3D Product Renderings

If you want to see how a new product would look before it’s made, 3D rendering is the way to go. This software can create high-quality visuals that are very realistic, and it’s a great tool for businesses in all industries. You can use it to create images of products, interiors, and even landscapes. It’s also a great way to show clients what your products will look like when they’re finished.

Using 3d renderings allows you to see your design in its most beautiful light, allowing for a consistency that wouldn’t be possible with photography as the model is created to match your specific needs and the material colours are chosen specifically for the image. Our advanced ray tracing technology mimics the real world physics of light and shadows ensuring predictable, reliable first-time results.

The ability to visualize a building or structure that’s under construction is invaluable for many clients when trying to understand what their project will look like. While building plans are essential, they don’t give the client a feel for what the building will actually look like once completed.

Christchurch is a busy coastal town with a rich heritage and a vibrant arts scene. Its beautiful beaches, nature reserves and historic buildings make it a popular tourist destination attracting 1.5 million visitors each year.

3D Exterior Renderings

Using 3D renderings, contractors can help clients and architects visualize the finished result. These professionals use specialised software to create digital 3D models of building plans and landscapes. They can even take existing buildings and topographic data into account. Using this information, they can create an accurate and realistic model of the building site. By combining this information with virtual designs, they can provide an excellent tool for project planning and development.

CAD Studio has created exterior dusk 3D renders for the Blackburn Point houses typologies of this new property development in Christchurch. The exterior renderings are used by the developers to promote these new homes to their potential buyers and to assist with the sales process.

Lujo NZ a luxury hammock brand required a 3D render of their branded tropicalia print. This was to better show the colour of their products compared to previous photo shoots. 3D Rendering allows a consistent image to be used across all marketing material.

Sealegs Custom Design Craft wanted to give their customers the opportunity to see what their one off craft will look like before construction. The use of 3d renders allows them to add different features, colours and upgrades easily whilst keeping a consistent look.

Using the Architects plans CAD Studio has created a number of photo realistic 3D Artist impressions for this new development. The high quality of these renders will be the main focus for the developer when promoting these new home designs to their potential buyers. 3D rendering Christchurch

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