5 Steps to Get YouTube Views

If you want to get more views then you need to make it easier to find your videos. The best way to do that is to optimize your videos and channel, and leverage the SEO benefits. In this article I will give you a five step process on how to optimize your videos that will make it easier to be found in YouTube and Google thus increasing your views.

1. Give Your Channel a Theme

Many channels I evaluate don’t have a theme. Even professionals that have a brick and mortar business have videos of their family barbeque and other random video that has nothing to do with their business. There is nothing wrong with showing off the big fish you caught, but people look at YouTube channels to find out more about the author. Don’t confuse people with videos that have nothing to do with your business. Make sure you have video playlists of your videos set up that direct viewers through your sales process, and leave the family videos on a personal channel.

2. Optimize Your Videos

YouTube videos follow the same exact rules as other webpages. That’s because a YouTube video page IS a webpage. Don’t assume that your unique title will be eye catching. It’s not. Use keyword research to help you decide what the best title is for your videos. You want keyword rich titles so YouTube’s search engine can find your video and know how to catalog it. Do the same with your tags, and your description. The video helps people determine the quality of your content, and the text that describes your content helps YouTube and Google determine where to put your video.

3. Put Your FULL YouTube URL in Your Description

That’s it. Put your full YouTube URL in your description. Make it the first thing you put in your description. Remember this is ¬†If you don’t have the it won’t be a real link, and you miss out on the SEO juice it offers. If you want to direct people to your site you can also put your website URL in there instead of your YouTube channel.

4. Put a Watermark in Your Video

Having a watermark in your video works wonders. Either a logo for branding, the URL of your YouTube channel, or your website URL not only makes it almost impossible for people to steal your video and claim it as their own, but also drives a lot of traffic back to your YouTube channel.

5. Make a Good Call to Action

Not many people really have a call to action in their videos, and they wonder why they don’t get many views. You need to gently urge people to comment, subscribe, and watch other videos. If not you will just keep making videos and hoping they will get found and watched. youtube playlist

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