6 Problems With Nor Cold Cooling Units and How to Fix Them

A fridge is a key component in any RV. It keeps all of your refreshments cold and it can even be a source of heat during an emergency. If you’re experiencing problems with your RV fridge, it may be time to upgrade. In this article, we’ll share 6 problems with Nor cold cooling units and how to fix them.

RV absorption refrigerators are great for traveling, but they can be finicky and expensive to repair or replace. If your RV refrigerator is having trouble keeping things cool, it might be time to upgrade to a residential fridge that is more reliable.

These new cooling units are better than the original Dometic/Norcold units. They have a thermal mastic, silver tape, and sealant foam that improves the efficiency of the refrigeration system in your RV. This allows the refrigeration system to run cooler without using up all of your LP gas. The mastic also reduces corrosion. The new unit will keep your food and drinks cooler and last longer than the original cooling units that are used in RV’s.

The new unit is also designed to prevent the boiler from overheating. This is important because if the boiler overheats it can create crystals in the tubing that will cause a leak. This can be very dangerous because it could possibly blow up your refrigerator and possibly your entire coach! The new unit has heavier wall seamless tubing and a different boiler design that won’t fail.

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