A New Funko Store Opens in Hollywood

If you are a fan of pop culture, you have probably seen the tiny figurines of your favorite characters based on movies and television shows known as Funko. The brand has taken the world by storm and is a huge hit with fans. In fact, the company has a retail location dedicated to its collectible toys in Everett, Washington that attracts visitors from all over the nation.

The company has just opened a second brick-and-mortar store, located in Hollywood. The 40,000-square-foot location is self-described as “a land of whimsy, adventure, fun and larger-than-life photo opportunities and immersive sets inspired by your favorite worlds, characters and moments.”

A walk through the store is like stepping into a magical world where every corner is a sight to see. The entire store is divided into licensing categories such as Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Each area is decorated with a stylized version of the source material. For example, Hagrid greets you as you enter the Harry Potter section, and Captain America stands guard as you walk through a Marvel exhibit.

The store is well-designed and offers a unique experience that helps promote the Funko brand. In addition to the oversized characters and interactive areas, there is also an opportunity to purchase a personalized figure of yourself in the form of a Funko Pop! This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to have their own customized version of their favorite character. During our visit, the store was busy with people of all ages, from young children to adults, looking for the perfect souvenir. funko store

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