A Spell to Make Someone Obsessed With You

A spell to make someone obsessed with you is a powerful love ritual that can be used to bring a specific person to your attention, and help them feel strongly about you. This simple obsession spell can be performed by anyone who is ready to manifest the love they deserve in their life. The process can be easy, but it is important to keep in mind that the Universe is a very balanced place. Any manipulation you attempt to use may backfire and lead to negative consequences.

If you want to be the object of someone’s obsession, you must first show them that you are interested in them. You can do this by giving them your utmost attention and ensuring that they feel special and loved. Be creative with your attention – surprise them with little gifts, or take them on spontaneous trips. Be flattering about their achievements and feign emotionality – this will make them believe that you are invested in them, and give them the feeling that they are the center of your universe.

To cast the spell, you’ll need a small jar and some ingredients that represent your desired qualities in a partner. Gather a handful of flowers, herbs and spices that have a special meaning to you, along with some honey. You’ll also need a few pieces of string or ribbon, and some dried lavender or sage to represent healing energy. Then, prepare a small sachet bag by sewing two sheets of muslin together and filling it with your potpourri, flowers and herbs. After energizing the bag, tuck it inside one of your drawers or under your pillow to keep the spell working.

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