Angel Figurines Suppliers

Angel figurines are a beautiful way to add serenity and holiday cheer to any home décor. From Christmas to birthdays, there is an angel statue for every occasion.

Find wholesale angel statues products at Global Sources to satisfy your needs for unique gift ware items. We connect you with verified manufacturers & wholesalers that supply Chinese, Indian and Korean angel statues products at competitive prices.

Praying Angel Figurine

Bring a sense of tranquility to your home with this praying angel figurine. This black angel statue features a simple, classy design that can be easily incorporated into any decor theme. The 5.5-inch statuette is also the perfect size for gifting to a religious friend.

Made of polyresin, this statue is sure to last season after season. It is ideal for decorating your mantle or any other surface in your home. The praying angel is a beautiful addition to your holiday decorations, and it makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who believes in the power of prayer.

This stunning sculpted figure is inspired by the original artwork of artist Dona Gelsinger and is sure to be a powerful keepsake for your home or as a special gift for someone who needs a reminder of their faith. The graceful cherub kneels at a stone that bears the uplifting phrase, “She Who Kneels Before God Can Stand Before Anyone”.

Give your loved ones a little extra peace of mind with this prayer angel figurine. This ceramic angel statue from Joanne Wright features a gold metal heart attachment, etched details, and a caring message that let’s them know you’re always thinking of them. This angel statue makes a touching and compassionate gift for someone who needs a pick-me-up or is suffering from loss.

Angel Figurines with Instruments

Add a touch of heavenly ambiance to your home or office with our lovely Angel Figurines with Instruments. These elegant cherubs are perfect for any occasion and make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. They can also be used as Christmas ornaments or other year-round decorations. You can choose from different styles and sizes to find the one that best fits your needs.

These lovely cherubs feature a gray body and golden crown, adding elegance to any display. They carry a cross of faith, a heart of love, and a dove of peace, bringing hope and beauty to your space. These angels can be displayed on a table, mantel, or shelf for beautiful holiday decor, or they can be given as gifts for special people in your life.

The large assortment of wholesale angel figurines that we offer includes sleeping, standing, and kneeling angels, as well as cherub angels. We also have angel babies that make cute new baby and baptism gifts, and sympathy and bereavement angels that provide comfort to those who grieve a loss.

We can deliver your wholesale resin angel figurines and other products worldwide by sea, air, or express, depending on the size of the package. Our friendly customer service staff will help you decide which option is best for your needs. To learn more, contact us today.

Little Guardian Angel Figurine

With a wave of her magic wand, this little guardian angel is ready to grant any wish you have. She is a great gift for birthdays, holidays or any day when you want to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

This porcelain angel is mini in size and a cute keepsake to treasure forever. It comes in a natural matchbox sized box with the words Little Guardian Angel written on it.

You can place this little angel on a shelf or window sill to watch over your loved ones, keep it close in a bag or pocket or give it as a special token of friendship and love. It’s a beautiful reminder that even though our loved ones have passed, they are always watching over us and are aware of the love we have for them.

This memorial angel is also a wonderful way to express your sentiments to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. This ceramic angel expresses your loving bonds beautifully and will be cherished as a memory of a loved one. It is a special reminder that they are never really gone, but still here in the spiritual realms surrounded by their family and friends.

Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Tree is an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. Then the figures are cast and individually painted by hand. Expression is revealed through gestures only – a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, or a turn of the body. The simplicity of form and absence of facial features signify Willow Tree.

These heartfelt figures are a way to express yourself and celebrate special memories with family members and friends. Whether you’re honoring the birth of a child, celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or saying thanks for all their kindness, these figurines are a beautiful way to show how much you care.

These sculptural pieces come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. They also make beautiful decorations for your home, office, or church. They’re often made of a durable material, such as resin or porcelain, and can last for generations. You can keep them dust-free by regularly using a soft cloth or brush to clean them. They’re also an ideal gift for collectors or people who enjoy decorating their homes with unique items. They can be a thoughtful addition to any living room or bedroom, and they’re a great gift for weddings, births, or holidays. angel figurines suppliers

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