Baby Seat Taxi Melbourne

Baby seat taxi melbourne is a service that provides cars that are outfitted with proper baby seats to ensure the safety of young passengers. Parents who want to travel with their children can book this service for airport transfers and city rides. The service is available 24×7.

In most states, including Victoria, it’s illegal to carry babies and kids in taxis without a car seat. Taxis that offer rank and hail services are exempt from this law, but they should have at least one point where a child restraint can be attached.

Uber is offering a pilot program in Melbourne that connects riders with drivers who have child seats. The rideshare giant is working with baby goods retailer Baby Bunting to provide the seats, which can be booked through the Uber app for an additional fee. Driver-partners who offer the seats have attended workshops and competency knowledge checks with Baby Bunting.

Children under one year must be carried in a capsule or child seat, while those over one should sit on the back seat and use their own seatbelt. Children under seven years must also be secured in a booster seat or wearing their own properly fastened seatbelt, but it’s not legally required to take kids on taxis outside NSW.

Children under 12 months must ride in the back seat, while those over 12 months can be in the front, but must be secured with a properly fastened seatbelt. Children over 14 years can travel in taxis and rideshare vehicles with their parents, as long as the parents are both seated in the back seat and share a seatbelt.

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