Bariatric Care – For the Obese

Obesity and diseases related to obesity have been on the rise over the last three decades in much of the western world. While awareness of the importance of physical fitness and the need to make lifestyle changes are important, appropriate care with dignity for the obese is the need of the hour. Medical practitioners in bariatric care today use electronic tools to record, track progress and treat their patients and get them involved in their treatment. Electronic health records are a boon to care givers and doctors since they can track test results, allergies and past treatments of their patients though these and personalize the care given to each person…

For lasting success in bariatric care, active participation from the patients concerned is very important. The challenges in taking care of the obese may be slightly different, but ultimately, it is all about the person being in good spirits, mobility, choosing an appropriate level of activity, and a safe working environment for the care givers.

Ergonomic equipment plays an important role in reducing stress for health care professionals in the service of the obese. With adequate training and the right equipment bariatric care centers can help their staff optimize their care without fear of injury. There is a wide range of slings available in the market especially for bariatric use. Lifters fitted to the ceiling or mobile lifts are also options that help minimize injuries for patients and care givers alike.

Bariatric surgery is performed on adolescents as well as adults who are morbidly obese. Childhood obesity can lead to serious complications later in life and many consider that it would be best to treat it as a societal problem, calling for more activity and better diets to tackle the issue, rather than opt for surgery, except in the case of the morbidly obese. Post surgical care is a challenge as the risks of infection are high due to decreased immunity levels. Infections acquired in health care settings are a common problem among the obese, so stringent hygiene practices and disinfection are a must for these centers.

Healthcare environments equipped with special hydromassage systems offer the soothing benefits of water without the fear of falls and injuries. An effective form of hydrotherapy can lift the spirits and calm patients.

Recent among the tools used by medical professionals for getting rid of fat are the non-invasive weight loss devices that freeze fat-cells, but these are more appropriate for those who are close to their ideal body weight. They are not mean for treating obesity. montreal home care

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