Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a physical form of health care that uses massage, exercise and heat to relieve pain, build muscle strength and restore range of motion. This can be used in a variety of conditions such as back pain, joint and muscle injuries and neurological issues such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease.

Enhanced Balance and Fall Prevention

A physiotherapy programme can help people with Parkinson’s disease reduce the number of falls they have, improve their sense of balance, and increase their confidence in moving around. PDSAFE (Preventing Falls through Exercise and Education) is a home based physiotherapy exercise programme developed for people living with Parkinson’s disease, that has been shown to prevent falls in over 600 patients.

Promotes Healing

Specific exercises can help speed up the recovery process by increasing blood flow, delivering nutrients and stimulating the production of collagen that is essential for tissue repair. This allows you to return to your normal range of movement, improves flexibility and elasticity and increases muscle reactivity.

Provides Education and Support

A physiotherapist will not only prescribe exercises but also offer education and support to help you cope with your injury and manage it in the long term. This will include how to manage pain and discomfort, prevent future injury and advice on how to stay active in the community.

This is a dynamic approach that recognizes that active participation and self-empowerment are vital to promoting healing, improving physical function, and enhancing quality of life. It incorporates three key components: therapeutic exercises, functional training, and patient education.

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