Cloud Utility Management is a Continuous, Iterative Cycle Across Technology, Finance and Business

Utility billing software, powered by cloud computing, offers a more flexible, scalable and efficient way of managing your utilities. However, transitioning to a new technology model can be challenging for teams that are used to doing things a certain way.

Fortunately, the key to successful cloud utility management is a continuous, iterative cycle across technology, finance and business. This approach ensures that all stakeholders have the information they need to make informed decisions on how to best manage their core workloads in the cloud.

One key to reducing costs in the cloud is “right-sizing.” This entails purchasing only the storage and computing power that you need for each task. It’s not unlike turning off lights in a room that aren’t being used, or running the heating and air conditioning when you’re not at home.

Another way to reduce your utility costs is by automating tasks, reducing the number of API calls, and using a utility analytics tool to monitor usage and alert you when there is potential waste. The resulting cost savings will allow you to invest more in your customers.

The first step to achieving these goals is by setting a road map and identifying key initiatives that you want to accomplish. It’s important to start small with your rollout so that change is implemented at a pace that feels comfortable for your team. For example, the first step could be training a few of your super users to become business system administrators (BSA) so they can serve as internal support and Utility Cloud experts for your organization. cloud utility management

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