Customer Service Is a Game Changer for Marketing

Customer service and marketing don’t typically get matched up. Different departments,Guest Posting different duties, right?

At least, that’s the old school way of slotting this unique relationship.

But as more brands continue sprucing up their digital presence, customer service and marketing are now more entwined than ever before.

When done correctly, pairing the two can help solve tough issues, and boost customer satisfaction and profitability in the long run.

So in this article, I want to share at least six different ways that customer service can help improve your marketing efforts.

With these methods in mind, you’ll be one step ahead of your competition when it comes to both, your marketing and your customer service.

6 ways your customer service will help your marketing

Marketing and customer service should always be working in tandem to make your brand better. Here are six ways to make that happen.

1. Customer Service Can Inform Your Content Creation

Just ask any marketer how difficult it can be to generate ideas for good content on a regular basis. Even in ideal situations, it can be hard to know what will truly resonate with your audience.

This ideation phase of content development is critical. It’s what directs your initial efforts, and ultimately decides the outcome and success of your marketing efforts.

Creating good content isn’t enough anymore1, so the idea creation phase is more critical than ever.

The solution is to try to base your content ideas on customer needs; and who knows that better than your support reps?

By working with marketing, your customer support team can help direct marketing and content to meet various needs across your sales funnel.

It also allows you to generate a robust library of support and help articles that will keep your customers happy after they complete their purchase.

But without these ideas, your marketing team will continue to struggle in their quest to find good ideas. It’s a simple and elegant solution to pair up with your customer service.

2. They Can Flesh out Your Buyer Personas

Understanding the thought process of your ideal customer is vital when you’re trying to convince them. In marketing, you usually accomplish this step by creating a buyer persona.

You base these personas on details about your ideal customers. Aspects like their age, income, and hobbies help create a clear picture as to where and how your marketing efforts should be directed.

But of course, these personas are subject to constant change and evolution, as your product and target audiences keep evolving.

Your marketing team needs to identify and understand the pulse of this change, which is where customer service again plays a crucial role.

Dedicated customer support teams will have worked more closely with your customers as their needs evolve. After all, they’re the ones who answer phone calls, send emails, and staff your live chat team.

That means they’ve heard direct feedback about the product from the customer. With that type of experience, they’re the most qualified group to help pose new solutions and flesh out your buyer personas.  Customer Service Numbers

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