Dealing with AFNI Collection Company

Anderson Financial Network or AFNI for short is a collection company. They collect for numerous companies,Dealing with AFNI Collection Company Articles but one of their largest clients is Verizon. Amongst other things, AFNI have been known to try to collect on debts that are too old to legally collect on. Once a collection runs through its statute of limitations, the debt can no longer legally be collected on.

AFNI is classified as a junk debt buyer. A Junk debt buyer buys portfolios of old, sometimes past statute of limitations, debts for pennies on the dollar. Once they own these debts they practice less than desirable means to try and collect on them. They will send threatening letters, place new collections on your credit reports and call harassing you. They have even been known to call your relatives or your workplace to try and collect the debts. If AFNI is harassing you please make yourself familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Perhaps the best weapon you can have for your defense would be the debt validation letter. You must demand that the collection agency validates, or proves the validity of the debt. If they cannot provide you with any sort of proof such as a contact then they must stop trying to collect. Usually, they will try to just send you a “statement” or even an itemized printout!

Consumers are urged to demand validation of all debts from a bottom feeder because the majority of them have nothing to back up their claims. By demanding debt validation, you are utilizing your rights under the FDCPA to make the collection agency prove that they own your debt. It’s not enough for them to send you an itemized statement or printout of the debt. Section 809 of the FDCPA specifically talks about debt validation and your rights.

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