Discover Nusa Penida on a Private Tour

The untamed island of Nusa Penida packs a myriad of otherworldly marvels. Snap magical photos at Kelingking Beach, watch waves swirl at Broken Beach, swim in the natural pool at Angel’s Billabong and soak up the tropical sun at Crystal Bay.

Experience all of this and more on this private flexi tour. Customize your trip with add-ons such as a buffet lunch, polaroid camera photographs, traditional massages and Luwak coffee tasting.

Experience the best of Nusa Penida

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Nusa Penida is on a private tour. It allows you to explore the island at your own pace and avoid the crowds of day trippers. You can also visit hidden gems such as Crystal Bay, which is a clear water bay that is home to a variety of marine life.

This is a great spot to snorkel and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean. The bay is filled with coral reefs and other marine biota. You can also take a swim in the crystal clear waters, which is a great way to cool off after exploring the beaches and cliffs.

The west side of Nusa Penida has some epic swimming spots and breathtaking views. Angel’s Billabong is a natural tidal pool that is swimmable during low tide. Another popular spot is Broken Beach, a circular cove with a leftover arch that’s perfect for a photo.

You can visit these places on a tour that includes an overnight stay on the island. This way, you can enjoy more time to explore and take some amazing photos. It’s also a great option for families as Nusa Penida is family-friendly. However, it’s important to choose a safe and suitable itinerary that takes everyone’s capabilities into consideration. For example, some of the activities involve walking or hiking up and down steep steps on a rocky terrain.

Explore the island at your own pace

Nusa Penida is a paradise for beach lovers and adventurers alike. Its pristine beaches and dramatic cliff formations are awe-inspiring, while its cultural landmarks showcase the island’s unique heritage. Discover the untamed island’s hidden gems on this private tour. Explore Broken Beach, a masterpiece sculpted by nature, where picture-perfect cliffs cradle an azure lagoon. You can even snorkel at the secluded Manta Bay and meet sea devils and colorful fish!

If you want to see the best of Nusa Penida, this one-of-a-kind hop-on hop-off tour is perfect for you. Take in the beautiful tropical scenery as you sail from Sanur Beach aboard a fast boat. Then, visit the island’s most picturesque spots that would make perfect additions to your Instagram feed.

Get ready to snap a few photos of Kelingking Beach, the mesmerizing Broken Beach, and Angel Billabong. You can also swim in the crystal clear water of the natural rock lagoon at Crystal Bay or stroll along the kilometer-long white sand at Atuh Beach.

This tour is available on both a join-in and private plan. If you’re looking for an affordable option, choose the join-in plan, which includes roundtrip transport and a visit to the most popular attractions on the west side of the island. However, if you prefer to have the privacy of an exclusive tour, opt for the private plan instead and enjoy a day of exploration with your group of friends or family.

Enjoy a hassle-free trip

A private Nusa Penida tour ensures you can explore this stunning island without worrying about transport and accommodation arrangements. It also allows you to make the most of your time on the island and maximize your photo-ops. You can customize your experience by adding add-ons like a buffet lunch, polaroid camera photographs, a Luwak coffee tasting, traditional massages, drone footage, or German or Korean-speaking guides (available on select options).

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of this magical island, consider booking one of these Nusa Penida tours. You’ll discover a paradise of pristine beaches, rugged volcanic cliffs, and clear blue bays. Take a picture at Kelingking Beach, a unique cliff formation resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or swim at the natural pool of Angel’s Billabong.

This untamed island offers something for every traveler, from family-friendly adventures to exciting adventures that bring you up close to sea devils and colorful corals. As you explore, you’ll find a rich culture and stunning landscapes that will leave you speechless. So don’t miss out on this slice of heaven and book a Nusa Penida tour today!

Discover the hidden gems

If you’re looking for a place that exudes natural beauty and rustic island vibes, Nusa Penida is the perfect destination. From breathtaking viewpoints like Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong to pristine beaches like Crystal Bay and Atuh Beach, this untamed paradise offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

This iconic cliff overlooking the turquoise waters is a must-visit spot for all nature lovers. The stunning view of the vast ocean and lush greenery will leave you in awe. And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot some Giant Manta Rays swimming in the water below!

With its rocky coastline and dramatic rock formations, Banah Cliff Point is one of the most underrated attractions on Nusa Penida. While the steep climb up to the viewpoint might be challenging, it’s definitely worth it once you reach the top and witness the awe-inspiring views of the turquoise sea below.

Known as the most famous photo spot in Nusa Penida, Kelingking Secret Point Beach is a must-visit for all nature lovers. This cliff-fringed beach is famous for its Tyrannosaurus Rex-shaped cliffs that form a stunning view of the white sand beach below. To avoid the crowds, visit this picturesque location earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. Then, enjoy a relaxing stroll along the beach while soaking up the sun and relishing the tranquility of the place. private tour nusa penida

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