Electronic Analytical Balance Price

A high-precision measuring instrument, an electronic analytical balance price can detect even the smallest increments of mass. Its extreme sensitivity makes it an indispensable tool in professional laboratories for applications such as density determination, sample preparation and differential weighing. The intelligent features of METTLER TOLEDO’s sophisticated laboratory balances also ensure that these sensitive weighing processes are executed under the most ideal conditions. The METTLER TOLEDO MS series, for example, is available with internal calibration weights or external calibration weights (optional).

Analytical balances feature a draft shield to protect the weighing chamber and prevent even the slightest disturbance of air current from impacting readings. Due to their high degree of precision, they are used in dedicated areas away from any sources of vibration and breeze to ensure that only the most accurate results are recorded.

METTLER TOLEDO’s XPR Excellence series laboratory balances take weighing accuracy to the next level. These advanced models have a huge optimized TFT color touch screen that is operable through lab gloves and provide intelligent functions for effortless operation of complex tasks. The patented StaticDetect system automatically alerts you to static charges on your samples that may interfere with correct results, while StatusLight and LevelControl actively check that all the conditions for correct weighing are met.

The METTLER TOLEDO ME-T series of analytical weighing systems are ideal for your most critical daily weighing tasks. These robust laboratory scales are durable enough to stand up to tough environments, and their smooth surfaces facilitate easy cleaning. They are also equipped with anti-vibration, overload protection and electromagnetic force compensation. For the most exacting applications, they are available with an internal or external calibration option and a range of accessories such as a tare button, MinWeigh function, result protocol, automatic doors and a draft shield. electronic analytical balance price

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