Ewarrants – Reduce Crime With Ewarrants

The DeWine-Husted Administration’s Ewarrants initiative has revolutionized the way law enforcement officers access information, serve warrants and conduct background checks on dangerous suspects. This system helps reduce crime by allowing officers to quickly and accurately enter the warrants they have probable cause for into state and federal databases.

The eWarrants system allows prosecutors, clerks and judges to electronically process warrant requests by replacing paper processes with web applications and real time communication between the courts and public safety agencies. The resulting workflow has cut the amount of time it takes to get a warrant approved by a judge from days to minutes!

A centralized, secure, electronic library of warrant-related documents provides a convenient location for storing, retrieving and archiving. This provides a complete and auditable record of the warrant issuance process for both law enforcement and court staff, while ensuring that proper procedures are followed and reducing the risk of errors.

In addition to a streamlined workflow, the eWarrants system also offers numerous other benefits. For example, by allowing an officer to use their mobile device to generate a warrant and send it directly to the court from any location, this allows them to act immediately upon obtaining probable cause – preventing the suspect from being tipped off and fleeing. Additionally, the system enables a judge to review and approve a warrant via a recorded video chat that can be conducted from any internet connected device, reducing or eliminating travel time for both the officer and judge. Ewarrants

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