Fertility Clinic Dubai

Fertility Clinic Dubai is a clinic for the couples who want to get rid of infertility issues. The best part about this clinic is that it has a great team of doctors and a top-notch fertility lab. It specializes in the field of reproductive endocrinology and provides various infertility treatment options for both men and women. These include embryo implantation, assisted reproductive technology (IVF), sperm donation, and ovarian tissue freezing. It offers a number of packages to suit the needs and budget of the patients.

Using the most advanced in-vitro fertilization techniques, the clinic has a high success rate and a lot of positive reviews. It also has a dedicated team of experts that works to ensure the best results for its patients. This includes gynecologists, embryologists, and nurses. They are well-trained to handle all kinds of cases and have the experience necessary to deliver a healthy baby.

The doctor at the clinic will prescribe fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries. Once the eggs are ripe, the doctor will use an ultrasound to locate them and retrieve them from the ovaries. This step can cause pain. After that, the doctor will inject a hormonal injection called human chorionic gonadotropin to help with ovulation.

The next step is to fertilize the eggs with sperm. Then, the doctor will transfer the fertilized eggs into the uterus. During this process, the doctor may give the patient painkillers to help with any discomfort. Fertility Clinic Dubai

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