Get Boiling Water Instantly With a Quooker Water Tap

Get filtered boiling water instantly with a new Quooker water tap. These innovative taps also deliver ambient and chilled filtered water so you can get everything you need from one device.

Boiling water is dispensed at a temperature of 100°C. To ensure your safety, they’re fitted with a child-proof double-push-and-turn catch that prevents kids from accessing boiling water.


In the case of a boil water advisory, your home’s tap water is potentially contaminated with bacteria or other organisms. While these contaminants are rarely life-threatening, they can cause gastrointestinal symptoms in young children, elderly people, and those with compromised immune systems. Boiling water helps disinfect the water supply and kills or inactivates any organisms present.

If a full rolling boil is not feasible, a safer alternative is to use a chemical disinfectant such as unscented household chlorine bleach or iodine tablets (available at most pharmacies). These chemicals will also pasteurize the water, killing any organisms and making it safe for drinking and cooking.

Many boiling water taps come with a safety function that requires a three-step touch sequence to activate, and then automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. The outer hoop of the tap is also heavily insulated so it never becomes hot to the touch, even when dispensing boiling water.

If you’re thinking of installing a boiling water tap, talk to your local plumbing experts about the different models available. They can advise you on the best option for your home and explain the installation process.


A boiling water tap allows you to dispense hot filtered water instantly at the touch of a button. This can be used to make tea or coffee, steam vegetables, cook pasta or sterilise baby bottles. These taps have a child safe handle and operate at a lower water pressure than your standard kitchen tap, which means they don’t splash or spit.

Boiling water taps come in a range of styles and finishes so you can choose the option that suits your kitchen. Some can sit in your sink as a mixer tap with an additional boiler hidden behind the cabinet while others have their own dedicated tank that can be wall mounted away from your sink. They all have a thermally insulated tank that keeps the water hot, meaning there is minimal heat loss during dispensation.

It’s important to note that not all boiling water taps dispense boiling water at 100degC as some have a temperature limit of around 98degC. They do, however, provide instant boiling water that is much faster than using a kettle, and they save you energy and fuel by eliminating the need to boil water over and over again.

Some models also dispense chilled filtered water, allowing you to enjoy fresh cold drinks with the press of a lever. This eliminates the need for a separate water cooler that takes up valuable storage space and delivers crisp, clean tasting water with less limescale and hardness.


A boiling water tap isn’t just a convenient gadget to have around for everyday use, but they can also add an extra level of sophistication to your kitchen. They’re available in a range of styles and finishes, so you can find the perfect design to suit your kitchen style.

For those who like to entertain, a stylish instant hot water tap is a great way to avoid the hassle of filling up and emptying multiple glass and plastic drinks bottles. Some models also dispense filtered cold water, eliminating the need for a separate water filter that can take up valuable fridge space and is usually less efficient to use.

If you’re after a premium option, try a pumped tap that uses software to ensure the water is only delivered when it reaches the desired temperature, which can help prevent accidental scalding. A swan neck tap that can swivel allows you to direct the flow of water into pots and pans more easily, while a tap with a pull-out design makes dispensing large quantities of boiling water easier.

Most models allow for a mix of cold, hot, and near-boiling water from one tap, simplifying your sink area setup further and keeping worktops free for other kitchen tasks. The Pronteau 4In1 is a prime example, as it combines a traditional monobloc mixer tap with a boiling water tap for a sleek and minimal finish.

Energy efficiency

Using a kettle to heat water can be energy inefficient. It takes a significant amount of electricity to boil water and many times more is used to heat the air surrounding it. With a boiling tap, however, only as much water as you need is heated.

This saves energy and can reduce your power bills. Often, a boiling tap also comes with an energy efficient system such as a heat exchange or a technology that reclaims energy from the water it boils. Energy efficiency is important as you’ll be charged per unit of electricity consumed.

Boiling taps are usually a monobloc style which means that they combine hot and cold water with boiling water all within one unit. This makes them easy to install, but you’ll need to ensure that you can fit your existing plumbing and sink set-up. Alternatively, some models are designed to be joined to other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, which makes them easier to install in new kitchens.

While a boiling tap is primarily a kitchen appliance that solves your immediate needs for boiling water, it’s worth looking at the wider benefits it can offer you and your family. Not only can it save you time by eliminating the need for you to boil a kettle, it can also make cooking food and making drinks quicker. This could also help you to save money on energy bills, and the added convenience may be enough to justify the additional cost.

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