Glass Restoration – The Art of Cleaning the Window That Won’t Come Clean

As a window cleaner I’m certain you’ve gone over numerous windows that are so stained, hazed or shady that even after you’ve scoured and squeegeed them, they actually look foul. You realize the windows I’m discussing?

Unfortunately, none of the standard expert window cleaning strategies and techniques can successfully make a window like that tell the truth.

This is on the grounds that the staining has really carved itself into the top layer of the glass and consequently implanting the stain forever in the glass.

This present circumstance is called Glass Corrosion and whenever left uncontrolled, it won’t just be a blemish to glance through, however it will likewise end up costing your client large chunk of change from here on out.

At the point when glass becomes consumed, there are just two choices accessible…

Supplant the Glass or Restore the glass.

Supplanting glass is extravagant and hence reestablishing the glass is a significantly more alluring choice to the client, but the issue with this is…

Practically 80% of the window cleaning glass restoration organizations in presence have no clue about how to appropriately reestablish a window, and those that do are enviously protecting the techniques furthermore, for what reason shouldn’t they…

Glass Restoration is a Huge Profit Source for those in the loop. As a matter of fact, glass reclamation administrations normal $150 each hour and practically every last bit of it is benefit.

On the off chance that you are not offering a genuine glass rebuilding administration to your window cleaning clients, any reasonable person would agree that you are overlooking a gigantic lump of cash and passing up probably the most worthwhile window cleaning contracts.

It is hence, I’ve chosen to make everything fair and offer with you my precise glass rebuilding procedures, techniques and evaluating, so you can get in to the glass reclamation game.

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