How to Calculate Gallon Per Minute Conversion

Gallon per minute (GPM) is a measure of the volume of liquid that passes through an object over a unit of time. This measurement is commonly used for water flows through pumps, showerheads, and other water fixtures. GPM is often abbreviated as GPH or gallons per hour, but it can also be written as gpm, gal/min, or gal/day.

GPM is different from other measurement units, such as pounds per square inch (psi) and cubic feet per second. This is because GPM measures the volume of liquid passing through a specific cross-sectional area, whereas psi and cubic feet per second measure pressure. While most US households use GPM to calculate water flow rates, many European countries and other parts of the world use Metric (also known as SI) units for routine water measurements.

A common way to measure GPM is by using a single-gallon container and timing how long it takes to fill. Then, divide 60 by your total seconds and multiply the result by your container’s capacity to find out how many gallons pass through the container each minute.

Our GPM calculator is flexible and supports various types of units. For example, you can change the GPM unit to liters per minute by clicking on the arrow next to the “Gallons per Minute” field and choosing LPM. You can also reset the water flow rate calculator to a default setting by clicking on the reload calculator button. If you have any questions or suggestions about this tool, please contact us at [email protected]. gpm to lpm

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