How to Design and Print Custom Socks

Custom socks are more than a fun novelty gift – they’re an effective marketing tool that brand builders can use to build engagement. Learn how to design socks with the right message, materials and printing technique for a successful campaign that will knock the socks off your audience.

Designing a pair of customized socks can be as simple or complex as you want. Many sock manufacturers offer pre-made designs to get you started, while others allow you to customize the sock design, colors, text and logos for a more personalized product. The first step is choosing a design style that matches the intended purpose of the socks and the audience you’re targeting. For example, a bright and bold unique design may work best for casual occasions, while a more subdued, professional design might be better suited to corporate settings.

Once you’ve decided on a design, make sure it’s scaled and adjusted correctly to fit the sock’s surface area seamlessly. Small details like thin text or narrow outlines can become blurry or disappear as the ink saturates the sock fiber. Also, if the design has too much contrast, it can result in visible edges and lines around the edges of the sock.

To start creating your sock design, head over to the DivvyUp website and select “Design Your Socks.” You’ll need to provide a final design sketch, or you can opt for their experts to create one for you. After that, they’ll send you a sample to approve, and once you do, they’ll begin production. custom print socks

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