How to Find a Curly Hair Specialist

Getting a curly haircut that supports your kinks, coils and swirls takes skill. A true curl specialist has well-honed principles that support exceptional results. These include effective communication, thorough consultation and understanding that each individual’s hair texture is unique.

A great curly hair specialist will also listen to your styling concerns and provide expert advice about how best to care for your curls between salon visits. This includes recommending a good shampoo for curls, a deep conditioning mask and an appropriate styling product.

Curly hairdressers who are worth their salt will embrace your natural mane with a minimum of fuss. They will shape your curls to flatter and accentuate your facial features and personality with a deconstructed dry cutting technique that allows each curl to lift and drop without creating unwanted tension or drag. They will also recommend a maintenance regime that is easy to follow at home.

The team at Mousey Brown is all about’minimal fuss, maximum impact hair’. They are renowned for their work with textured locks and specialise in the Deva cut, which is an effective method of cutting curls to flatter your face and body shape. They have a specialised menu, co-wash and styling services, and one of the best dry cutters in town.

You’ll feel right at home when you step through the doors of this eastern suburbs beauty bible. Swathed in the scent of Aveda, Rhodes Hair & Spa has ‘curly hair’ written all over it and offers a range of services from expert colourists to a dry curl cutting specialist. They will take the time to get to know your curls and provide you with a style that works with your natural movement.curly hair specialist Melbourne

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