How to Get an Accurate Word Count of PDF Document for Translation

Your client has given you a report for interpretation in PDF design. In the wake of gaining from the client that no other organization, for example .doc or .txt, of the archive exists, you are confronted with the difficulties of deciding the word count and setting up the report for interpretation. An exact word count is basic to your estimating, and record planning is basic to enhancing pivot. Follow the four basic strides beneath to guarantee an exact word count and arrangement of your PDF record for interpretation.

Stage 1: Decide whether the text in the PDF report can be separated

Open the PDF report and select all [CTRL+A]. In the event that a whole block region is featured, the text is essential for a picture and can’t be extricated. If so, then, at that point, you can utilize Optical Person Acknowledgment (OCR) programming to interpret examined pictures of the text into machine-encoded text. In the event that, notwithstanding, simply the text is featured, the text can be separated.

Stage 2: Reorder text

On the off chance that you have decided the text can be separated, duplicate [CTRL+C] and glue [CTRL+V] the text into a clear Microsoft Word record.

Stage 3: Show stowed away text

While reordering starting with one program then onto the next, implanted text (for example in pictures, headers and footers) could change over completely to a white textual style tone, subsequently disguising itself against the white foundation. To address this, select all [CTRL+A] text in the MS Word archive and afterward select document extraction from the Text style Variety drop down enclose the Text style Menu. Any recently covered up text will currently be apparent.

Stage 4: Set up the text for Interpretation Memory (TM) investigation

While reordering starting with one program then onto the next, superfluous line breaks, or “hard returns”, are frequently embedded into the text. This, obviously, can cause an erroneous perusing by the TM programming of fragments, fluffy matches and reiterations. To see the “hard returns” in your report, show section marks [SHIFT+CTRL+*]. Then eliminate any superfluous or undesirable “hard returns”. At long last, utilizing TM programming, play out an investigation of the text to get a precise word count.

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