How to Select a Voice Over

Voice over (also called VO) is a type of narration used for video games, on-hold phone messages, audiobook production, and even live presentations at tourist destinations and events. A voice-over can be recorded and then added to a piece of content or revoiced to replace existing dialogue (the latter is sometimes referred to as dubbing).

When selecting a voice over, there are a few key qualities to consider. First, the quality of delivery is important to ensure that the final product sounds professional. Nothing ruins an otherwise solid script more than a bunch of “ums” and “ahs.” Next, pacing is essential to keep the listener engaged without getting bored or distracted by lengthy sentences or repetitive sounds. Finally, tone and inflection should be pleasant and approachable to connect with the audience.

Choosing the right voice over can make or break an entire project. That’s why it’s important to do your homework, practice regularly, and listen closely to examples from established professionals. And don’t be afraid to reach out to other voice actors and industry pros for advice and feedback—networking is a critical component of success in any creative field.

Once you’ve perfected your diction and delivery, it’s time to prepare for an audition. Whether you’re recording yourself and submitting a remote file or going to an in-person audition, it’s essential to warm up, drink plenty of water, and take the time to read through the side’s copy before you start reading. voice over

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