How to Track Watch Time on YouTube

Watch Time is a key YouTube metric that helps you track your video’s performance. It’s also the main metric you need to meet in order to become a YouTube Partner and start making money from your videos. Watch time is also important because it shows YouTube that your videos are interesting and engaging enough to keep viewers coming back for more. This is a great way to help you create more content that will attract new viewers and increase your overall viewership.

YouTube calculates watch hours by adding up the total number of watch time minutes for each video on your channel. Watch hours are a cumulative metric, so the more videos you have, the more watch time you’ll have. The more watch time you have, the better chance you have of reaching a milestone like 4,000 watch hours, which is the threshold for monetization.

The good news is that you can track your watch time from the YouTube Analytics menu on the left side of your screen. To see your channel’s watch hours, click on the “Analytics” option on the left and select “Watch Time”. This will open a window showing your video’s watch history. You can also view your total watch time for individual videos by clicking on the “Videos” tab on the left and selecting a video.

You can use the watch time metric to gauge your audience’s interest in specific videos. You can also look at the number of views each video has to determine its popularity. You can then use this information to make strategic decisions about what content to create next. For example, if a video has a high watch time, you may want to consider producing similar videos in the future.

Aside from watching time, you can also view other metrics related to your videos, including average view duration, average subscriber growth, and monetization earnings. In addition, you can also check the number of unsubscribers, which is helpful if you’re trying to reach a goal like 4,000 watch hours.

One of the best ways to get more watch hours on YouTube is by using playlists. These are collections of videos that you can stream automatically when someone watches a video from your channel. When a video in a playlist ends, the next video will play automatically for a few seconds, which will increase the total number of watch hours on your channel. This is especially effective if you have a series of videos that are meant to be watched in sequence. For example, if you’re creating a travel documentary series, you can create a playlist for each country you visited and add the videos in the correct order. YouTube will then suggest the next video in the series when people watch your videos. This will significantly increase your watch time… youtube watch time

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