Inspirational Designs Rings Can Help You Carry That Message With Grace and Elegance

For many, jewelry is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of faith or a reminder to live life in full joy. These inspirational designs rings can help you carry that message with grace and elegance.

Inspirational jewelry speaks to the heart and mind. Whether engraved with a quote or a symbol, these heirloom-quality sterling silver pieces will inspire and uplift you through your everyday adventures. They can even tell a story about your personal journey or the wisdom of others who have gone before you.

Engravings are a common motif in jewelry. They can be a personal message, a one-of-a-kind symbol, or even an ultrasound image – such as the one ring designer Line Vautrin engraved into her cigarette and powder boxes to remind her of the simple things in life. Other engravings can have religious meaning, such as the Star of David or Hamsa, or Kabbalah scripts that hold a hidden power for those who believe.

Choosing the right symbols and engravings can be a challenging task, especially for beginners. But there are a few rules of thumb to follow when designing inspiration-based jewelry: Don’t copy your inspiration. While you may want to echo some basic elements, do your best to make them unique. For example, our Freyja Clasp is inspired by both the Rosewood Pendant and Ride the Wave Bracelet, but it’s substantially different than either of those influencing pieces. By introducing new forms and methods of construction, the result is a distinct jewelry design that stands on its own. inspirational designs rings

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