Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Moving Forward

Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut or feeling discouraged by a professional setback, you can use words of inspiration to give yourself the motivation and courage to move forward. While upbeat music and funny movies can lift your mood, there’s nothing quite like a great inspirational quote that speaks to you right down to your core.

Using quotes effectively is key, but not all quotes are created equal. Trendy slogans and phrases may feel motivating at first but quickly lose their power, while quotes that incorporate wisdom and insight from thought leaders are more likely to be powerful and enduring. To make a quote effective, be sure to use it regularly and in multiple ways (for example, as your business slogan or personal motto). Incorporate the quotation into your planning sessions, reading habits, and pre-bedtime rituals for best results.

Finally, to keep your motivation high, you’ll want to surround yourself with people who support your ambition and encourage you to be the successful go-getter you are. A study from Gordon Pennycook, a psychologist at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, found that people are more likely to ascribe profundity to statements when they hear them from those they admire.

These inspirational quotes are a powerful source of insight and encouragement, so be sure to bookmark this list and read through it on days when you need a little pick-me-up. These powerful words will help you push through your to-do lists, overcome challenges, and reach your full potential! inspirational quotes

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