Let Home Insurance Quotes Online Save You From the Weirder Things in Life

Life can bring all sorts of unexpected excitement. Theft, vandalism, and intentional physical damage happen more often than we’d like as well, and insurance companies pay out when they have to for all of it. The longer you go without making a claim, the lower your premiums will be.

You can’t choose whether or not you’ll fall off of your front steps when a pigeon spits in your eye. Unlikely? It’s a real occurrence. In the meantime, however, you can choose to save money by getting your home insurance quotes online.

Pigeons can be the least of your problems. Cows and deer have been accused of ruining tires, window seals, and windshield wipers, licking them for the salt. Dogs are a wonderful source of weird claims- one dog dipped his tail in an open paint can and left his owners in need of new paint, carpet, and more. One large dog protected his home by breaking a basement window trying to attack a vicious, invading squirrel on the other side. Another claim was filed, but not paid, for damage done when a dog decided to protect a nest full of baby mice by bringing them into the house. Shortly thereafter, the fuzzy gnawers were in the walls wreaking all sorts of havoc…but they were safe from the barn cat!

Dogs aren’t the only reason to try to save money where you can. In Spotsylvania, Virginia, law enforcement and rescue workers often refer to the Spotsylvania Walking Tree, due to drivers’ frequent claims that a tree actually jumped out front of them. There are insurance agencies that offer policies that cover alien abduction, and to date at least one claim has been filed and paid!

You have to wonder if they found this company when they were hunting for home insurance quotes online. That’s definitely the kind of company you want when you’re looking for the best value for their dollar.

Even those who are more serious minded can’t ignore that weird stuff happens. One unfortunate homeowner had his home fall on a parked car while being moved via truck. One British homeowner had a dishwasher malfunction in a way that caused it to pump hot steam into his kitchen for an entire weekend, ruining cabinets, floors, and countertops. No supernatural events or animals are necessary to cause all sorts of damage, and these weird, events as well as the plain and simple accidents that happen to everyone are the reason we have insurance in the first place. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, and can keep your premiums nice and low by being lucky enough not to have stories like these.

The point? You can’t always save money by staying claim free. Make sure you get the lowest policy premiums from the word “go” by getting your home insurance quotes online. quotes for moving companies

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