Mississippi Health Officials Sound the Alarm on a New Drug Known As Zaza Red

Known as Zaza Red or Tianna Red, this new drug hits opioid receptors and is extremely addictive for some users. It’s marketed as a supplement at gas stations and online under various names and is believed to enhance brain function. It’s a highly addictive stimulant and has been linked to overdoses and deaths. It has also been linked to extreme withdrawal symptoms. Despite its many risks, the FDA has not yet banned it.

Mississippi state health leaders are sounding the alarm on a stimulant that has been nicknamed “gas station heroin.” The drug is called tianeptine, and it’s available in convenience stores under different brand names, including Zaza Red and Tianna Red. It’s marketed as a dietary supplement and a nootropic to treat anxiety and depression. It’s also available over the counter in a number of states. It’s a dangerous drug that can be used by people of all ages, and it can lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

A man who has been arrested in Giles County for breaking into smoke shops has been identified as a former Zaza Red user. Police believe he’s trying to steal the drug and has even threatened shop clerks. They have released surveillance video showing him using a hammer to break into a smoke shop, then wrestling with female clerks as they try to hold on to the bottles.

Medical professionals have reported that the withdrawal from Zaza Red is severe and often dangerous. It can begin as soon as one or two hours after taking the last pill, and some describe it as worse than opioid withdrawal. The higher the dose and the longer a person has been taking it, the more intense withdrawal will be.

The main ingredient in Zaza Red is tianeptine, which has been approved for use as an antidepressant in Europe and Asia under the brand name Coaxil or Stablon. It works by stimulating opioid receptors to increase serotonin and dopamine levels. It is illegal in the United States to prescribe, but it’s sold under the guise of a dietary supplement and nootropic online and at convenience stores across the country. It’s also a popular street drug that has been linked to overdoses and death.

Tianeptine is similar to the tricyclic antidepressants that are commonly prescribed in the United States, but it’s more involved in modulating glutamate receptors rather than the mu opioid receptors that are triggered by tricyclic antidepressants. It is also far more potent than other abused legal highs like phenibut and kratom.

Those who are addicted to Zaza Red can find help in many forms, including detox and rehab. The key is to get treatment as soon as possible, before the withdrawal becomes too severe. The best place to start is with medical detox, which can ease the symptoms of withdrawal and make it easier for patients to engage in follow-up treatment. Getting help early on can prevent relapse and reduce the risk of withdrawal complications, including protracted withdrawal syndrome.

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