MMA Training Gloves

If you’re going to spend any time training at a gym or sparring with other people you should invest in a decent pair of mma gloves. The right gloves can reduce the risk of injury to yourself, your training partner and even to your hands themselves. You want your gloves to be well padded and free of extra points that can catch on grappling exchanges causing scrapes, cuts and bruises. You also want the velcro to be high quality and go all the way around your wrist so it doesn’t get caught on anything or pull in the wrong place and cause discomfort when fighting.

MMA gloves are usually made of synthetic leather and designed to handle the impact of heavy bag and pad work. They are typically heavier than boxing gloves but lighter than competition gloves which are used for MMA fights. Competition gloves are smaller and have less padding, allowing fighters to strike more accurately.

Bag gloves are designed to allow full open and closed hand movement, including the ability to grab and parry strikes and blocks. They are typically much lighter than competition gloves and may have additional molded foam padding for the knuckles.

These gloves are made of a soft, durable, and lightweight leather that has been treated with an anti-odor technology. They feature the classic Everlast design, Durafoam padding for knuckles and thumbs, anatomical padding for the thumb opening and a high quality velcro strap that goes all the way around your wrist. They are great for striking, bag work and even a little bit of sparring. Gants mma entraînement

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