Modern Style Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets emphasize clean lines and sleek surfaces, with minimal detailing or ornamentation. Wood finishes that highlight natural grain patterns or a smooth stone countertop are common. But don’t be afraid to experiment with other materials for a more dramatic look, or add an accent color that stands out from the rest of your palette. Bold blues and greens are appropriate for this style, as are dark reds if you prefer a more traditional feel.

Floating shelves are a stylish alternative to upper cabinetry in modern kitchens, maintaining an open feeling and offering a place to display your favorite dishware and glassware. For a more minimalist approach, replace classic cabinet hardware with simple metal grate fronts. This streamlined style is a happy medium between closed and open storage since only the most prized items can be seen, but it also protects items from dust.

Thermofoil cabinetry offers a sleeker, more modern aesthetic than painted cabinets without sacrificing durability. The matte and high-gloss finishes hide fingerprints and other smudges, and they stand up to moisture better than natural wood. This sleek look can be enhanced with modern kitchen cabinet accessories, including full-extension drawer guides and soft-close stops that prevent doors and drawers from slamming shut.

White or gray cabinetry is a staple of the modern style, but it’s easy to customize the color to fit your personality. For example, this rich olive-green kitchen feels classic and grounded yet modern with brass accents on lighting, faucets and window hardware. modern style kitchen cabinets

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