Nusa Penida Tour – Experience the Magic of Nusa Penida

The pristine island paradise of Nusa Penida has recently emerged as one of Bali’s most popular destinations for photographers and adventure seekers alike. With its awe-inspiring views and enchanting landscapes, this magical place has captured the hearts of many travellers and made them dream of visiting it someday.

The best way to experience all the epic spots on the island is by joining a nusa penida tour that will take you to the most insta-worthy places and beyond. This tour will cover all the best sights and will give you the time and flexibility to capture the perfect pictures for your social media feed.

You can join a Nusa Penida tour from several vendors in the streets of Bali or you can book online with 12Go or Klook. However, it’s better to book in advance as they sell out fast!

During your tour, you’ll visit some of the most famous spots in Nusa Penida like Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong. The latter is a cool circular cove with a leftover arch, while the former offers a gorgeous view of turquoise waters and shimmering rocks that will leave you awestruck.

You’ll also go to Diamond Beach, a dreamy paradise beach where you can descend a staircase adorned with nature’s artistry. You’ll be able to see the contrast between ivory sands and deep blue sea, creating a visual spectacle that’ll stir your soul and bring you closer to reality. Afterward, you’ll be taken to Gamat Bay to be enchanted by the diversity of marine life. nusa penida tour

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