Palm Tree Wall Art

Palm tree wall art adds a tropical feel to your walls with the exotic and welcoming presence of these lush trees. Whether you are looking for something to accentuate a coastal theme or a piece to complement a botanical collection, these wall prints make perfect additions to any home or commercial space.

This captivating collection curated by Design Home Space Studio exudes calmness and warmth. Explore a wide range of designs that encapsulate the natural beauty of these majestic trees in various colors and textures. Perfect for residential areas like bedrooms and living spaces or public/commercial spaces such as waiting rooms, entrance areas and corridors.

Captured against a fiery backdrop that evokes the vibrant spirit of tropical sunsets, this beautiful palm tree canvas artwork will enhance your décor with an infusion of color and warmth. The textured palm leaves and intricate details of the tree’s silhouette stand out against the monochrome sky, creating a bold contrast that radiates the tranquility of island life.

In ancient Egypt, the palm tree was considered to be a symbol of fertility, abundance and resurrection. Branches of the palm were often used in religious rituals and can still be seen in a number of Egyptian tombs and temple carvings. The palm tree was also a sacred tree for the ancient Mesopotamian people and was associated with the goddess Ishtar. The Bible scriptures also mention palm trees several times.

Embrace the tropics with this stunning metal palm tree wall sculpture featuring five coconut palms, each hand painted and set against the setting sun. A statement piece that will become the focal point of any room, this tropical piece of wall art is framed in an elegant and sturdy black frame. Hanging is simple with two sawtooth hangers already attached to the black MDF inset back. Palm tree wall art

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