Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

The Petrol Fire Fighting Pump is an important part of any water-based fire protection system and helps to overcome issues of insufficient water pressure (measured in psi or bar). They can be used to increase the flow and/or pressure of a particular water source to meet the needs of the system it is feeding. Fire pumps are required to be installed to NFPA 20, Standard for the Installation of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems and NFPA 25, Standard on Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

A fire pump can be either stationary or portable and will come with a choice of fuel options such as diesel, petrol or solar powered. They work by drawing water in through the suction valve then pushing it out the discharge valve. This is accomplished by the rotation of a special impeller in the pump casing which also allows it to operate across its full head range without overloading the engine.

JME stocks a range of different sizes and types of fire pump with many options available. These include the popular Davey fire pump which features a class leading performance and can be run at its full head capability. It’s designed for ease of operation and maintenance, is very durable and comes in a range of rated flows and pressure capacities.

Another option is an end suction fire pump which uses a horizontal split case design where the water flows into the pump housing from the side and exits through the discharge port perpendicular to the inlet. These fire pumps are highly reliable and offer a good choice of head capacity as well as being easy to maintain due to the easy split-case access. However, they do require more space for installation and cannot be run with a diesel driver.

Finally there are the engine driven diesel and petrol fire transfer pumps which offer a high volume of water at lower pressure. These are suitable for transferring fluids, general industrial or commercial cleaning, agricultural spray booms and many other tasks that require a large volume of water at low pressure. These are often available in both electric and recoil start models.

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