Photo Editing – Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Photo Editing

Even with the best camera and lighting, your images still need a little extra love to make them look their absolute best. This is known as editing photos or retouching photos. Retouching can range from color treatment to removing a stray hair or a blemish. While it can be tempting to do all your editing in-house, outsourcing this task saves time, improves quality, and allows you to focus on higher value activities.

Many photographers who are unfamiliar with outsourcing fear that the company or professional they hire won’t understand their style. This can lead to disappointing results. It is important to choose a company or professional that offers a trial period, so you can upload a few test images and see how the work turns out before making a permanent commitment.

Outsourcing your image editing can also increase turnaround times and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, increasing profitability. However, you have to be prepared to invest some time and effort into onboarding your new team member and making sure they are familiar with your workflow and style.

Using an online photo editing platform with quality assurance tools like visual markup and commenting helps you communicate your retouching requirements quickly and effectively. You can create custom specifications in a few clicks, assign them to an order, and get a quote and finished edits back in hours. This is much faster than communicating via email or PDF on a per image or per order basis, and it also ensures that your retouching needs are understood the first time. outsourcing photo editing

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