Private Carers Near Me Vs Home Health Agencies

Home care is a vital service that enables seniors and disabled adults to remain living at home with dignity, safety, and independence. There are many options for getting this care, including hiring an independent caregiver or a home health agency. This article compares the pros and cons of both options, and includes tips for ensuring quality care.

Independent Caregivers
There are several benefits to choosing a private caregiver instead of an agency. For one, they are typically cheaper. However, families must be aware that they are legally responsible for payroll taxes and withholdings if they hire an independent care provider. Affordable, third-party services exist that manage these logistics on behalf of the family and educate them on how and when to pay their caregivers.

Homecare agencies are licensed businesses that employ caregivers and send them to your loved one’s home to provide in-home care. They can provide both medical and non-medical care. Medical care consists of tasks such as administering medication, dressing wounds, and monitoring blood pressure. Non-medical care focuses on daily activities, such as meal preparation, running errands, and cleaning the house.

Families can find homecare agencies through a variety of sources, including friends and family who use a certain agency, their doctor and their staff, and community resources such as faith communities and senior services organizations. Before selecting an agency, it is important to consider if your needs will be met in their territory and to request references from previous employers and clients. Private Carers near me

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