Reach Your Employees With an Employee Communication App

Keep on-the-go employees in the know with a branded employee communication app. Features like audience segmentation, news-sharing capabilities and push notifications can help you reach everyone in your organization.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface is a must. A simple user experience can minimize the learning curve, resulting in increased adoption rates.

Personalized Content Experiences

Unlike other workplace tools such as instant messaging or intranets that are designed to serve as collaboration and file storage portals, employee communication apps provide a unique way to deliver information directly to employees’ devices. They’re streamlined, colorful and modern, making it easy to convey updates and news in ways that engage and entertain frontline workers.

A well-designed employee communication app also offers personalized content experiences for each and every individual. This helps brands build stronger relationships with their audience, increase engagement, and boost in-app purchases and repeat visits.

This is achieved through the use of AI and machine learning to segment each and every consumer to deliver relevant content experiences. In addition, data on platform activity, employee engagement, and content performance is provided to marketers so that they know what’s working and where to focus their efforts. This helps them drive the results they need to show senior leadership that investment in employee comms is paying off.

Easily Distribute

From important tasks slipping through the cracks to employees not receiving key updates, a lot can go wrong with inefficient staff communication processes. Haiilo helps you streamline communications, giving everyone a voice and making sure all your people feel connected and engaged.

Employee apps are quickly becoming the go-to tool for improving internal communication in companies of all sizes and industries. They’re great for connecting remote employees and providing a central hub for news and information that can be easily accessed by all.

To get the most out of an employee app, it’s important to think through how you’ll distribute it and make it easy for employees to access. This includes ensuring the app is available on all company devices and offering reimbursement for data charges on personal ones. You can also use launch giveaways to help drive adoption. Some examples include free company-wide app downloads, branded swag and event tickets. Then, during the rollout phase, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough communications audit and understand your target audience.

Push Notifications

Unlike emails that can get caught in spam filters or SMS text messages that can be lost in the crowd of mobile device inboxes, push notifications are attention-grabbing and hard to miss. They are especially valuable when sending time-dependent information such as temporary special offers, sports results, or reminders about upcoming events.

Moreover, an employee communication app with robust push notification capabilities can support a variety of business processes such as onboarding, rewards, training, operations, and more. This can save time, money, and effort and improve overall company productivity and efficiency.

Social Interaction

In a world where many employees have fantastic, user-friendly apps they use on their personal phones, it makes sense to deliver an employee communications app that is similar in experience. This enables connection through a channel that is voluntary rather than forced and allows employees to decide for themselves which news they want to see from the company.

Reach all employees with targeted content that is relevant and minimizes information fatigue. Enable two-way interaction in the employee app by letting employees comment on news with likes and emojis.

Allow employees to sign up for events on the app and easily send push notifications and reminders to those who need them. Ensure your updates reach hard-to-reach frontline and desk workers through mobile-first features. Find out who has received messages and even who’s read them with actionable analytics.

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