Real Estate Agent CRM Features

In real estate, every client has unique needs and expectations that can change over time. As a result, real estate agents crm features need to be comprehensive and customizable to handle the various stages of each property transaction. Typical CRM solutions may only partially meet these requirements, but specialized real estate crm programs have the tools that real estate agents need to thrive in their field.

One of the key features to look for in a real estate agent crm is a sales playbook that guides each lead through the process from first contact to closing. This type of real estate software can make the difference between an average agent and a top producer by automating follow-ups, creating marketing campaigns and setting quota goals.

Ideally, real estate agents crm will also include an integrated calendar that allows all team members to sync up their contacts, meetings and tasks. This can eliminate confusion and ensure that no one forgets to take an action that is crucial to a client’s property purchase or sale.

Another feature to consider is a built-in phone and email tool that lets you create automated emails or schedule appointments through the system. This can save valuable time and make it easier to communicate with clients on a daily basis.

A good example of a real estate agents crm with these features is Follow Up Boss, which combines call and email automation with automatic listing alerts. This helps you stay on top of the properties that your clients are interested in, and send them properties that match their needs. It also offers a powerful power dialer and voice recording for your agents to reach potential leads more quickly. real estate agents crm features

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