Secondary Glazing – A feasible way to save Energy

We all know the energy available on this earth tends to deplete very soon. Therefore,Guest Posting it is very important to undertake substantial measures to save energy on all fronts. Many studies suggested that secondary glazing is a cost effective alternative for energy efficiency in the homes. Secondary glazing is generally a plastic sheet attached to an existing window frame to enhance a room’s thermal and sound insulation, very much similar to a double glazing window. The main difference lies in the cost which becomes much lesser in case of secondary glazing. This means this type of glazing is a feasible and cost-effective option towards improving a room’s thermal insulation.

According to various science studies, it has been found that a home loses generally 20% of its heat through the windows and single-glazed windows are supposed to lose up to 14 times as much heat as the same area with a well-insulated wall. This loss of heat causes instability of the temperature of the room. In such conditions, it is always good to go for secondary glazing which can help a homeowner save a huge sum of money on energy bills. Another benefit is that it also brings down the noise level in the room by preventing the external noise from coming in.There are different ways available for secondary glazing. You can use a plastic sheet fixed on your interior window with a double-sided tape and shrunk with a hairdryer to fit. This method is good for just one season’s insulation. As this method seems to be very easy, so that you can do it yourself by using a proper kit for it.The best way to get the maximum savings in energy efficiency is with professionally installed secondary glazing. This may involve fitting an aluminium frame around the window recess to hold glass panes that can be slide vertically or horizontally to open. They come in a standard white colour to suit most aluminium windows or windows of other materials, but standard RAL colour finishes are also available to match any kind of décor.If you are serious about going for secondary glazing by professionals, make sure to consult a reputable company having lots of experience specializing in window treatment innovations. This way only you will be able to bring down your energy bills. Internet is the best source for home owners looking for experienced secondary glazing companies.Looking for Secondary glazing companies? With more than 30 years in the business, DIY Plastics has become the No 1 national supplier of all types of Plastic sheeting for DIY, home and garden. windows bridgend

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