See Pyramids With Car Rental Egypt

Egypt and the Nile valley is the place you want to visit at least once in the lifetime. Choose car rental Egypt  and explore the land of pharaohs. Road quality in Egypt is very variable. There are good roads,Guest Posting but still you must be very careful. The general traffic conditions in Egypt are very chaotic so the safest bet should be a car rental in Egypt with your own personal driver. But if you choose to drive yourself here are some facts you might find useful:

*Use seat belts if fitted to avoid the risk of injury in the case of accident

*Driving is done on the right side of the road

*You have to be at least 25 years old to be able to rent a car in Egypt

*Maximum speed limit is 120km/h on a highway and 60km/h in an urban area

Egypt is one of the top tourism destinations in the world due to their wonderful beaches and countless resorts. The weather conditions are perfect for people who want to escape the winter’s grasp and relax by the beach when it is winter in their own country. Experience the wonderful chaos of Cairo which gives true insight into the everyday life of Egyptians. Taste the spicy cuisine of Egypt and visit the oriental market.

Rent a car in Egypt and discover this ancient and mysterious land. While it is true that the pyramids are the main attraction, Egypt has so much more to offer. History wise Egypt has a long and glorious history. The pharaohs had created a large empire at the time when rest of the world was only on their baby steps. Well when we think of Egypt we immediately think about the desert and pyramids.  Did they really build the pyramids or did someone else help them we might never find out, but it is really not that important. The important part is that the pyramids are there still and offer us the chance to wonder about the achievements of the past. There is lot to do in Egypt besides visiting the pyramids. Egypt Tourism packages

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