Semenax Side Effects

The makers of Semenax assert that it has a “scientific formula” that could enhance your ejaculate volume, orgasm intensity, and fertility. Its ingredients may also instigate the production of hormones that play a role in sperm formation. As with all dietary supplements, we recommend speaking with your doctor before starting this product.

The company behind this supplement offers a 67-day money back guarantee. It is based in Canada and sells directly to customers through their website.

Semenax is a combination of natural botanical ingredients and zinc that the makers claim could improve your sexual experience and your ability to father children. This formula includes amino acids (such as L-arginine), plant extracts, and mineral-rich components like pumpkin seeds.

Those ingredients work together to stimulate the prostate gland and urethral glands. The prostate and urethral glands produce the fluid that makes up most of your semen. This fluid is crucial to the health and viability of sperm, as it protects the sperm while in transit. The ingredients in Semenax are designed to optimize this process, leading to thicker and more voluminous ejaculate and stronger orgasms.

According to the makers of this supplement, the ingredients in Semenax are absorbed into the bloodstream and then travel up to your penis. Once there, they may trigger vasodilation, which could open up your arteries and allow more blood to flow to the area. The nitric oxide produced by these ingredients is believed to boost your sperm count and the volume of your ejaculate.

Other ingredients in Semenax are thought to support libido and combat physical fatigue. The product contains the Chinese herb Epimedium sagittatum, which is said to increase erectile function and boost sperm motility and quality. Semenax also contains muira puama, a natural aphrodisiac that is said to enhance sexual arousal and performance for a long-lasting erection.

Zinc, a trace mineral that is found in many foods including meats and dairy, may also help promote semen volume. A 2020 clinical study published in Human Fertility found a correlation between low zinc intake and reduced sperm concentration. The makers of this supplement include two forms of zinc in their formula, which is similar to the approach taken by other companies that manufacture supplements for boosting semen volume, including VigRX Max Volume.

The ingredients in this product aren’t likely to cause serious side effects. However, they can interact with some medications. In addition, some herbs can interfere with the way your body metabolizes certain medications. This could lead to complications, such as unwanted side effects and toxicity. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications. Semenax side effects

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