Six Pieces of Pokemon Merch to Relive Your Favorite Memories

The Pokemon brand is an international cultural phenomenon that began with the release of the original Game Boy games in 1995 and has since spawned a vast array of trading cards, video games, animated series, and live-action movies. It’s also one of the highest-selling franchises of all time, and collectors are always on the lookout for Pokemon merch that can help them relive their favorite memories.

Pokemon Clothing

The outfits worn by our favorite pocket monsters in the world of Pokemon have never been more stylish than they are now. Whether you’re into the edgy streetwear style of Scott Sasso’s 10 Deep or the neon-hued tees of Fragment Design, there’s a Pokemon merch piece that’s right for you.

Weezing T-Shirt

For those that love a good graphic shirt, this Weezing design by Original Stitch is an excellent choice. The hexagonal pattern features small Weezing heads, with each hexagon containing yellow and light purple smoke that functions as the Pokemon’s natural color.

Pokemon XY Coffee Mug

If you’re the type of person who loves a great cup of joe, this Pokemon XY coffee mug will make a perfect gift for any Pokemon fan! It’s made of durable ceramic and comes in a 20-ounce size.

Pikachu Half Mask

If your kid is a Pokemon fanatic, there’s no better way to show them how much you care than with this adorable half-mask. Its bushy cheeks, pointy ears, and iconic smile are sure to delight young children.

Pokemon Cookie Cutter

Create sweet sugar cookies that look like your favorite Pokemon with this handy cookie cutter. The tool includes a 3D-printed plastic blade that’s made to order. You can even use it to cut fondant or other soft materials for extra cuteness!

Kigurumi T-Shirt

If you want to show off your love of Pokemon but don’t feel comfortable wearing a full-on costume, this Pokemon kigurumi is the perfect option. It’s super soft, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. You can wear it around the house, sleep in it, or even go to an anime convention!

Pokemon XY Watch Collection by Fossil

For the Pokemon lover who wants to flaunt their burgeoning fashion sense, Fossil has teamed up with the popular game franchise to release a line of watches and leather accessories that are bound to get you noticed. Each timepiece is individually numbered and a limited edition, so don’t miss out!

Pokemon Center x Fossil is Available in Two Lines

If you’re looking for the ultimate Pokemon fandom accessory, head to the Pokemon Center and check out this collection. You’ll find individually numbered, limited-edition watches and leather card cases designed by Fossil in collaboration with the Pokemon Center.

These products combine the classic design of Fossil with the fun and charm of the Pokemon world. They’re all sized for everyday use and come in bold colors, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re looking for something a bit more hidden, this Pokemon-themed pajama set is another great option. The PJs are made from high quality cotton and feature the cute Pokeball and Pikachu logo on the back. They’re perfect for a boy or girl, and are sure to make for an impressive gift.

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