Spider Man Costume For Adult

Whether you’re looking to go all out for Halloween or just want to add a touch of Spidey to your everyday wardrobe, this Spider man costume for adult is sure to turn some heads. The suit is made of high-quality material that’s breathable and comfortable to wear all day long. It has a zipper for easy in and out and is available in sizes XS-XL. It’s even backed by an excellent customer service team, so if you have any issues with the costume, you can always contact them for help.

Spider-Armor MK IV
While working for Parker Industries, Peter created this version of his classic red and blue suit by replacing the blue with black, removing the back spider logo, adding a triangular section to the torso and separating the belt from the gloves and legs. It also features laced carbonadium in the mask to prevent a mind-switch, a built-in communication system and retractable claws on each of the fingers of the gloves.

In the Ultimate Universe, the symbiote-bonded Peter Parker wore this suit after bonding with the Venom symbiote at the S.H.I.E.L.D space station and again when he was resurrected as the Green Goblin by the Poison Punisher. The suit was redesigned with the helmet being replaced with a more streamlined design and the legs and arms featuring a more muscular appearance.

The suit is backed by an impressive warranty policy and is eligible for free shipping on all orders over $99. It’s the perfect addition to any Spider man fan’s collection or the ideal outfit for anyone who wants to become the web-slinger this Halloween.

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