Steroids and Bodybuilding in Pattaya, Thailand

The ease of acquiring performance-enhancing drugs, and their low cost in Thailand, lure thousands of bodybuilders to the beach city of Pattaya each year. Whether they are seeking to bulk up or just boost their appearance, the drugs are widely available in pharmacies throughout the city. A typical anabolic steroid, such as the popular anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is also known in Thailand as methandienon, costs about 50 baht per tablet at one pharmacy. A full set of pills, ampoules and injectable drugs can be bought for a total of about 100,000 baht.

It is not uncommon for amateur bodybuilders from Australia to head to Pattaya on what is dubbed a “steroid holiday”. Jarrad Fisher told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation last May that his steroid holiday in Pattaya saw him go from 70kg to a fully fledged bodybuilder. But such a holiday is dangerous. A steroid addiction can lead to heart failure, infertility in men and breast growth in women, and it is often accompanied by serious acne and hair loss.

Steroids are a problem in many countries, including Australia, and the number of seizures by the Australian Crime Commission is increasing. The ACC believes that Thailand is a significant departure point for steroid imports. In a recent case, a 65-year-old man was detained by Sydney airport security at Christmas with 12,000 steroid tablets hidden in his luggage. He had flown from Thailand. It was the first time he had attempted to bring steroids into Australia, which is illegal and carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail. Steroids Thailand

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