The Advantages of the Android POS Machine

The android pos machine is an all-in-one point of sale device that offers full POS functionality in one tablet – delivering the ultimate experience for your customers. It can be used as a counter-top device or even at a customer’s door or kiosk. It is especially useful for businesses that focus on payment acceptance on collection or delivery service.

It is highly customizable. The POS app stays at the forefront of the tablet screen regardless of what the user is doing. This ensures that the business operations and transaction information is always in view and can be accessed easily. It also provides a secure and robust hardware design that can be customized to fit any environment.

Android is open and flexible, so it grows with a business instead of being locked into a single centralized platform. It’s much easier to increase the number of POS devices in your store during times of high demand, and scale back down at quieter times.

The software on an Android POS is more efficient than iOS, so it’s quicker to complete updates and cause less disruption to your store operations. It’s more durable because more Android manufacturers build their devices to withstand the heat and moisture of a restaurant.

The Android OS is compatible with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) – making it easier for the IT team to manage and control all of the devices that are part of an Android POS system. Hexnode UEM gives IT teams iron-clad control over device functionalities, network settings, location settings, sync options, and application settings. android pos machine

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