The IVF Kyrenia – Reliable Fertility Treatments in North Cyprus

The ivf kyrenia is one of the world’s leading fertility clinic centers located in North Cyprus. It is known for its reliable treatments and methods within a meticulous medical platform that always thrives for excellence. This clinic has helped many couples conceive since more than 20 years.

In addition to providing patients with a high success rate, the clinic also offers a host of other fertility treatment options. These include donor egg and sperm donation, gender selection, pre-implantation genetic diagnostics, blastocyst transfer and cryopreservation of eggs, embryos and sperm.

Dunya’s reproductive medicine specialists have a passion for their work and approach each patient individually, taking into account their specific needs. The clinic has been awarded ISO 9001 certification and provides services such as ICSI microinjections that increase the likelihood of pregnancy, as well as gender selection, which allows patients to choose the gender of their unborn child.

IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) that involves combining the eggs and sperm in a lab, followed by fertilization with an artificial uterus. It can help people who struggle with infertility caused by problems such as a low sperm count or an abnormal uterus.

IVF in North Cyprus is a popular choice for couples seeking fertility treatment abroad because the country is less expensive than other European destinations. It is also a beautiful location that offers a relaxing holiday while you undergo your treatment. It is important to note that North Cyprus is a self-proclaimed state that is not recognized by the EU, so it can be difficult to travel there with the proper documentation. ivf kyrenia

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