Traffic Secrets – Drive Massive Traffic With Social Media

Looking for a traffic strategy? First of all, let me tell you that you must decide only one or two traffic technique to drive traffic especially if you see yourself not progressing in driving traffic to your site, but I suggest you try out social media as a traffic technique that you could use.

Social media are social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is so simple, with all the friends you have and for YouTube, the subscribers you have, you can share with them any exciting content that helps them and what I will do is I will share my website link to them so that I can drive visitors to my site.

It is a database you keep so that you can deliver them to your website again and again. Sharing to people what you are doing and sharing with them something interesting shows that you are interesting and they would keep track on what you are doing, what you want them to know and also what you want to share with them.

Therefore spend your time building relationship with them. If you have time to chat with these people on Facebook, go ahead and just talk to them but it is important to give them their attention and meet their needs because people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Portray yourself as an expert even if you are not, rather than a business because people will immediately think that you are a businessman that only wants people’s money than a person that they can have relationship with, a people who understands each other personality and also a person that who is easy to talk to.

That’s why, when you share a video on YouTube, a status on Twitter and Facebook, make sure it is positive and interesting where people would like it, give a positive comment on it or re-tweet it. That is why Social Media is very important, because people rather buy things from the person that they trust. If you are a Justin Bieber fan, you would trust him even though he do not know about you because you first love his music and would eventually buy his merchandise, download his songs and even going to his concert.

Same as you, when people start to love what you are sharing, your personality, your positive attitude and your style, whatever you sell, they might buy.

Spend your time on these social media sites but do keep track on the number of traffic and sales that you receive so that you can evaluate what can be improved. Make sure you might even get addicted to it, therefore do focuses on connecting with them and driving traffic rather than using it as a social networking like anyone else.

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