Vintage Turkish Rugs – A Classic Design Element That Never Goes Out of Style

There is something about a vintage rug that makes a space feel cozy and welcoming. It could be the way the colors bleed together to create soft, subtle tones or it might be the intricately detailed patterning that ties the room together. Whatever it is, it’s a classic design element that never goes out of style. One of the best places to find a vintage rug is on Etsy. The site has a wide selection of Turkish rugs and other types of antique and vintage carpets. Whether you are looking for an authentic Oushak or something more modern like a Caucasus Kula, there is sure to be a perfect rug for any space.

The history of vintage turkish rugs began in the thirteenth century with the rise of the Seljuk Turks. It is believed that nomadic tribes in Anatolia crafted rugs prior to this time, but the rise of the Turks brought with it a more refined weaving culture. The rugs produced during this time were revered for their artistry, exotic beauty and quality. They were prized by both traders and art collectors.

As a result, many of these rugs made their way to Europe where they were displayed prominently in museums. The designs of these rugs would often be used as inspiration for the paintings of iconic European artists.

Today, these classic rugs continue to be loved by both decorators and art collectors around the world. Authentic Oushak rugs are coveted for their understated elegance and heirloom quality. They are reminiscent of the original rugs woven by the nomadic tribes of Anatolia. They incorporate asymmetrical patterns and geometric motifs that are balanced by a rich color palette and luscious hand-spun wool.

These rugs can also feature a variety of textures. Some are incredibly finely woven while others have more coarse textures that are reminiscent of the rug’s origin. They are all made from the finest materials in Turkey. This includes wool that has been spun by the weavers to create a supple texture and natural abrash, or fading of the dyes due to age.

A Turkish kilim, on the other hand, is much more of a flat-woven piece of textile. They are characterized by their geometric and vine scroll motifs that are beautifully balanced by the soft muted tones of the fabric.

In addition to being beautifully textured, a kilim can be very colorful as well. This is due to the fact that the weavers of kilims often use the natural dyes of the region for their designs. They might also use cochineal dye, which is derived from the Kerkes beetle, for added color intensity.

Finding vintage turkish rugs is easy, especially on the internet. A simple search on Etsy for “vintage turkish rugs” will yield a wide array of options that can fit any budget. Emily recommends shopping from a reputable online retailer to ensure that the rug you buy is real, ethically harvested and comes with a return policy in case you are not satisfied with it.

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