Water Tank Cleaning Services Near Me

Many businesses rely on large storage tanks to hold hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, water, fuels and more. These tanks require regular maintenance and cleaning services to ensure that they are working properly. If left unattended, these tanks can start to deteriorate and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Water tanks that are not cleaned regularly can develop a layer of mud and sediment, which can cause rusting, leakage, and a build-up of harmful bacteria, including Legionella. This accumulated residue can then be dispersed throughout the water supply system and pose health risks for users, particularly those with weak immune systems.

Regular domestic water tank cleaning and disinfection will prevent this from occurring and ensure that the water is clean, fresh and safe for drinking. It is also a requirement under NYC law for all buildings to ensure their rooftop tanks are kept clean, sanitized and inspected annually.

During the cleaning process, it is essential that the water tank is isolated to prevent water from flowing through the system while cleaning is taking place. A risk assessment should be carried out prior to work commencing and all personnel must be suitably trained, certified and have the correct PPE equipment. Before starting the cleaning work, a pre-disinfection water flush should be carried out to remove any accumulated debris or sediment from the inside of the tank. This water should be disposed of appropriately. Once the tank has been disinfected it should be rinsed down with clean water before being refilled with fresh mains water and checked for any signs of rust, corrosion, scale or flaking. water tank cleaning services near me

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