What Is File Transfer?

File transfer is the transmission of a computer file through a communication channel from one system to another. It is typically mediated by a communications protocol such as file transfer protocol (FTP) or hypertext transport protocol (HTTP).

The business processes that support the transmission of files require the use of secure and reliable technology. From transferring batch transactions to a cloud-based service for outsourced payroll processing, to moving digital video for a marketing campaign, the ability to exchange data with CMS external portals is central to many business operations.

As data volumes increase, a premium is placed on speed of transfers as well as the security of transferred information. This one-two punch creates a challenging environment for file transfer technologies to meet user expectations.

A free online file transfer time calculator is a useful tool to determine how long it takes to move a given amount of digital data from one point to another. This tool can also be used to calculate the data transfer rate of a specific interface. This rate is measured in bits per second or kilobytes per seconds (KBps) and is usually advertised by internet service providers when selling their products.

Manually copying and pasting files from one drive to another is a simple, but time-consuming way to transfer data between computers. This method is limited by the storage capacity of the external device being used, especially flash drives. External hard drives offer a more reliable solution and have a higher data transfer rate. MediaFire Alternative

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