Where to Find German Lessons in London

Whether you want to learn German to gain career skills, travel more or simply appreciate the cultural background of the country, finding the right language lesson is essential. From beginner to advanced levels, there are many options in London. If you’re a complete beginner or haven’t practiced German for years, take a language assessment test to find the best course for your level.

Intensive lessons are designed around your interests and goals and can help you become fluent quickly while making new friends. The courses are interactive and immersive, so each class builds on the previous to help you achieve conversational skills from the start.

Evening group classes run for ten weeks and cover reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Tutors are native speakers and courses are structured around the six levels of the CEFR framework. You can also access a self-access centre and a range of free online resources while on a CLIE course.

Online German learning programs offer a variety of features to encourage learners to engage with the language. DeutschAkademie, for example, offers a free app, audio and video course along with an extensive resource library of low-cost exercises and content. The site also has a seven-day free trial period and offers a range of private lessons for more intensive study.

If you’re planning to learn German for business purposes, there are specialised business language courses available. These can teach you specific jargon and language for your sector, as well as helping you to communicate with clients or foreign partners in Germany. German lessons London

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